Vent app to be released for Android

Already available through the App Store for the iPhone, the creative team at Vent have the workings of an Android version well underway with a release for the app going live this fall. 

With an improved and expanded Version 2 for the iPhone in the works for release later in the year, including more emotions and new unique methods for interacting between users in the community, the platform’s massively entertaining feed — constantly refreshed with new heartfelt, insightful and at times hilarious complaints about anything and everything — can place life in perspective for the user who in the end may not need to vent after all.

“The limitless characters that users have to vent their frustrations are a gateway into a world that has never been seen before. We all have our frustrations and sometimes we just need to get it off our chest, have someone listen, and carry on without offending everyone we know,” says Vent Co-Founder Dean Serroni.

Mr Serroni emphasises that, above all, Vent is a fresh new way to connect with people through an anonymous persona, be entertained and widen the restrictive parameters that users place on themselves when interacting through other forms of social media.

This is an app that creates the essential platform for people to express their frustrations away from their publicly-viewed social media profiles. They can share their feelings with a section of the world that wants to hear it, help out, favorite, and add their own comments.” 

Counting on a community that is rapidly expanding, users can gain followers and follow back, and search for particular types of emotions — including Calm, Irritated, Annoyed, Angry, and Furious. They may even feel a need to comfort the other person or add their own two pennies to the frustration, making it a worldwide communal vent.

According to Co-Founder Duncan Turner, “The rise in social media penetration throughout the world, and its growing effects on our everyday lives has resulted in a desire to express our true emotions in an honest way without having an adequate virtual space to do so.”

“Our platform gives that head space to our users, many of whom find it therapeutic because it is never healthy to bottle up life’s frustrations,” he adds.