TravelStarter Launches First US Projects Aiming to Change How We Travel

Tourism and hospitality project funding platform TravelStarter has announced its first US-based projects, which are set to usher in a new era of travel. The first US projects to debut on the site – a San Diego B&B and a San Francisco nomad coworking space.

The TravelStarter team is composed of former Disney, trivago, Starwood Hotels, and STA Travel members. The month-old platform allows travel enthusiasts to fund independent hospitality and tourism-specific projects in exchange for rewards that will affect them directly as they look to explore the world. For example, by funding a restaurant project in Paris, a backpacker can receive exquisite local food for a week, or an individual tour from the manager of an amazing wine cellar that only a local would know.

TravelStarter has already funded a number of individual travel projects across the UK and Europe. The platform and its distinctive take on crowdfunding now enables US travel project ideas and dreams to become a reality.

The San Diego B&B project, headed by two former backpacker hostel managers, aims to transform a historic building into a boutique B&B. The co-working space project in San Francisco, which aims to be a place for digital nomads and traveling entrepreneurs to work and network with like-minded people, has sparked similar interest among TravelStarter’s community of passionate backers.

“We are thrilled to see these projects on a brand new continent thriving in their bid to reach their funding goals,” says TravelStarter Co-founder and CEO Anushka Beltram. “All of us at TravelStarter are avid travelers and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to discover a country, the cuisine and the culture. By funding a TravelStarter project, our backers can do exactly that and be rewarded in a way that gives them a unique traveling experience.”

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, TravelStarter offers its project makers full one-on-one support throughout their campaign cycle, which goes beyond online forms and emails. This includes personalized video calls on the strategy and progress of the project, promotion help via TravelStarter’s social media channels, as well as timely analytics, content marketing, and management services.

With the TravelStarter platform, individual projects that would normally struggle to find an audience can now take an active role in the worldwide crowdfunding economy that, according to research firm Massolution, grew 167% in 2014 and raised over $16 billion globally.

“If someone has a great idea, like a ‘Game of Thrones’ restaurant or hostel, they will probably find it very hard to get a bank loan. We want to give these people—the ones that look to make the next Airbnb or great backpacking guide platforms—the attention and support they need to create something truly innovative,” explains Beltram.


Founded in 2014 in Boston, and now with offices in Boston and Slovenia TravelStarter has already helped hundreds of travel-focused projects get off the ground in Europe and the UK. With an aim to support local tourism and give its community of backers unique travel rewards for their support, TravelStarter looks to change the way we enjoy other cultures and travel by helping great ideas become successes. Get your tourism idea off the ground today and visit