The stone that will make life easier

Pebblebee is a bluetooth tracker company that engineers, develops and manufactures its own beacon and sensor technology.

The Indiegogo campaign launched on June 15, 2015 with a goal of $30,000 and that goal was reached in just under five days.

Pebblebee’s first round of crowdfunding was a success, with more than 3,000 Kickstarter backers contributing nearly $220,000. This enabled Pebblebee to design, build, and launch the Honey – the Crowd GPS™ tracker button – and the Pebblebee app, as well as begin research on new products, including the Stone.

Available for pairing with both iOS and Android devices, the Stone features iBeacon one-way communication technology so as not to suck up the power on your phone. In addition to the tracker, motion sensor and smartphone shortcut features, which enable users to set the button to answer calls, send texts, or activate SIRI, Stone is also equipped with a temperature sensor, a Crowd GPS™, location pairing for range alerts, and is built to be completely water resistant.

Thanks to its simple API, the stone can be easily integrated with any app on the user’s phone, allowing the single button on the Stone to act as a “magic button” with endless opportunities depending on the users’ app catalogue.

“We think of the Stone as a magic pebble in your pocket. The Stone uses a motion sensor to track your stuff so that you can find it later, but that is just the tip of the iceberg,” says Daniel Daoura, CEO of Pebblebee. “It also has the ability to link to hundreds of online shortcuts using IFTTT logic, creating endless solutions for users to make their lives easier.”

The app tracks your belongs by translating the strength of the bluetooth connection with the device into an estimated distance away. Using the in-app Range Indicator, you follow its direction until you are within feet of your hidden item for quicker easier locating.

The Stone will be Pebblebee’s second entry into the Bluetooth beacon and tracker market, following the May release of the Honey, already available in Target stores nationwide.

While still in its infancy, the use of iBeacon technology is a growing trend. Leading names in the retail industry such as Apple and Macys are using the technology to monitor customer movements in retail stores. ABI research predicts that demand will increase over the next 4 years, leading to a 60 million unit market by 2019. Home and personal asset tracking is predicted to be one of the areas with the highest potential, as iBeacons can be used to feed into the “Internet of Everything”.

The idea for the Honey and the more advanced Pebblebee Stone were born out of the “real life” problems of co-founders Nick Pearson-Franks and Daniel Daoura. Struggling with a toddler who loved playing “hide and seek” with his parents’ stuff, and a dog whose in-house midnight adventures were a mystery to its owners, the inventors decided to take matters into their own hands and create affordable, multi-use iBeacon and tracker technology designed for everyday use and real life problems.