The new reading app: Goodreads Quotes with a touch of Tinder

nugget’s app is built for speed, the nugget system of quotes helps busy users to instantly find out whether they want to read a book or not.  nugget has put the most important content of books in its nugget collection so that its users merely need to swap through the different nuggets of one book, or chose the Surprise Me! option to get random nuggets from different books.

“I like to think of nugget as Instagram meets Goodreads Quotes with a touch of Tinder. nugget has a dual purpose: firstly helping users find the books that really appeal to them, and secondly letting them come back and remember the most actionable and inspirational parts of the books they love,” said Negrean. “We hand pick all our quotes to ensure that each one is insightful and gives the reader a real feel for the book.”

After Ovi Negrean, CEO and Founder of nugget, received lots of interest for his quotations – the 30 best nuggets –  on Peter Thiel’s book Zero to One on Slideshare, he decided to leave his successful career at a software company and pursue nugget full time.

Thought-provoking quotes are used on the app’s interface display that have a relevant image in the background to enforce the message – or nuggets – to help the user skim through a book and decide whether or not to buy it. Users can also curate and share their own nugget collections, save their favorite nuggets and browse through thousands of others. If a book is to the user’s taste, they may follow a link to Amazon to download a Kindle version, or order a physical copy.

“Of course it’s a utility, but one that we feel is constructive, fun to use, and – most importantly – a real time saver for busy people who want to stay on top of their field while giving the readers a chance to try before they buy. People want to self-improve, but they often don’t have the time. nugget is here to help them improve in small bites.” added Negrean.