Tab for a Cause: Give to Charity While Browsing the Web

Tab for a Cause, an online charity-funding company, has announced the launch of its next-generation platform, which enables millions of online users to donate to their favorite charities by merely surfing the web.

Once installed, the free Tab for a Cause web app transforms any newly opened tab on your Chrome or Firefox web browser into a charity collecting hub, raising money from the banner advertisements which populate the new page without the need for extra clicks and donating them to its affiliated charities.

“Our platform lets users be more interactive and creative with their tabs, allowing them to customize their new tab page while maintaining the core of what our company set out to do, raise money for a number of globally recognized charities,” said co-founder and Pomona College graduate Alex Groth.

This new form of online-based fundraising has opened up the donation arena to millions of online users around the world regardless of their economic standing. The streamlined costs of running the Tab for a Cause site and servers, along with supporting their in-house team, enables Tab for a Cause to give between 50% to 90% of advertising revenue to their numerous affiliated charities.

As of July, Tab for a Cause has raised over $50,000 for charities worldwide, including Human Rights Watch, Save the Children, Educate! and