Startup Keyword Aspects helping business to make smart digital choices

A start-up is helping businesses make smarter choices about their digital marketing.

“Even large companies with CTO and CIO positions are understandably intimidated by the digital marketing landscape,” says Keyword Aspects co-founder Doug Berman, a corporate and M&A lawyer with extensive experience in the tech and start-up industries.

With Keyword Aspects, you can see how advertising is working for you with easy-to-understand data reports that track the success of your marketing decisions over time. With Bing and Yahoo capabilities in the works as well, Keyword Aspects is the tool small businesses and large enterprises alike need to take control of their marketing.

“We strive to empower our clients with targeted and thorough information presented cleanly, because at the end of the day, that’s all anyone needs to run a successful online ad campaign or validate the results of their SEO and marketing providers. Our clients will know what is working and what isn’t because they’ll have it all there right in front of them,” Co-Founder Matt Cramer, a longtime IT specialist and web developer with years of experience at companies like