Quarrio: Changing the way businesses analyze data

Quarrio, a natural language analytics platform, is looking to change the way that businesses track and interpret their performance by allowing users to interact directly with their data.

Founded by a team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University artificial intelligence researchers and business intelligence (BI) experts, Quarrio is a natural language analytics platform that allows businesses to connect to enterprise data sources and deliver usable intelligence through straightforward English-language questions.

“Ask a question; get an answer. It’s what all business intelligence ultimately strives for, or should; now we have the technology to make that a reality,” said Quarrio CEO KG Charles-Harris, named Global Entrepreneur Of The Year by the United Nations.

“Quarrio is a sophisticated, adaptive natural language analytics platform that lets businesses extract direct answers to the questions that really matter. Instead of forcing users to navigate a labyrinth of finicky dashboards and esoteric readouts, we’ve created an interface that makes BI a ‘conversation’ between businesses and their data,” Harris explained.

Having received the 2014 Software Information Industry Association (SIIA) NextGen “Best Overall” and “Most Disruptive” Awards in the Big Data category, Quarrio is establishing itself as the pioneer of conversational analytics.