Newsmeister: deliver news as a social experience

Startup app Newsmeister provides a fun and convenient way to stay up to date on current news events.

The startup recently announced it has reached a 15,000 user milestone in the past three months. Since launching in May, Newsmeister’s user base has grown rapidly in the U.S., as well as in Canada, the U.K, Russia and Italy.

In the app, players battle against the clock to answer questions based on trending news stories from around the world. The quizzes are updated daily, so even the most avid newsreader remains challenged and informed. Gone are the days of answering pub quiz questions about 1980s football champions — Newsmeister tests users’ knowledge about the world around them in real time, and with the added fun of friendly competition. Newsmeister further provides contextual information on question topics, to allow users to dive deeper in topics they are interested in. 

“Reading the news is critically important because it’s how people stay informed about what is going on in their communities and the world,” said Tim Holmgren, CEO and Founder of Newsmeister. “There is this widespread idea that Millennials are not interested in current events, but this is inaccurate. They just have different ways of consuming it. Newsmeister was built for this new paradigm.”  

Millennials are voracious consumers of the news. Eighty-five percent of Millennials say that keeping up with the news is at least somewhat important to them, and 69 percent say they read news everyday. Millennials lead other age groups in media consumption on smartphones, and they prefer to read the news in “discrete” sessions that are woven throughout their day.  

Newsmeister was built with these habits in mind. Moreover, the app delivers a social experience, as social media’s influence over what people read continues to grow. It does so by allowing users to invite their family and friends to compete via Facebook or email, or play with other members of the Newsmeister community. To show how you stack up, the app shows a percentage of how many players worldwide answered the question correctly.

The startup aims to engage people in current events whenever they have time, whether they are on the subway, on their coffee break, or relaxing on the couch at home.