Kogi Mobile Offers Startups Comprehensive & Affordable App Solutions

Kogi Mobile has announced the expansion of its app development operations to Miami, aiming to provide the most affordable and comprehensive mobile and web app development solutions to startups across the US.

By offering a $400,000 project development service at less than a third of the cost, Kogi Mobile’s expansion is set to become the go-to solution for a startup market that — according to Forbes — already has over 20 million businesses in the US alone.

Founded by Nick Aldridge, who previously co-founded Mobile Interactive Group (sold to NASDAQ listed VELTI for $60 million), Kogi has already developed nearly 200 apps and hundreds of mobile and responsive websites for its international client base, including Hitch Radio in LA. Kogi Mobile focuses on startups that are looking to get started or mature their product by offering specific development services, as well as project lifecycle management solutions. This enables the Kogi team to work closely with its clients from their products’ concept stage to series A financing and beyond.

Kogi aims to be more than just a near shore development solution. Based in Medellín, Colombia, and with its new Miami offices, Kogi’s complete service includes face-to-face consultations with clients, regardless of their location in the US. To complement this fresh perspective on startup-specific product development, Kogi is also sometimes open to investing in startups. The company has successfully launched over 10 startups since 2014.

Another spin on more traditional development shops is that Kogi is owned by its staff – over 10 of its employees are shareholders. This allows Kogi to cultivate a much stronger, lasting, and engaged relationship with its employees and its clients.

“Kogi Mobile works on everything from MVPs to full working interfaces for iOS, Android, and Web, as well as full backend stacks,” says Kogi Mobile CEO and Founder, Nick Aldridge. “Our expansion into the US will give us the opportunity to work closely with exciting ventures that are looking for a direct holistic approach that they can’t normally afford. Regardless of the startup’s location, Kogi will always aim to provide the ‘New York’ or west coast development house treatment at a competitive price.”

For startups that only require specific services, Kogi provides project planning, mobile app design and development, testing, and ongoing client support for live projects. Now with Kogi’s Miami expansion, the development house will be able to provide even more startups based in North America with its high level of one-on-one project co-building solutions.

Kogi manages all development in-house and does not outsource or use freelancers. This means when you see the example projects in its portfolio, you get the same people working on your project, and not a third party. This approach guarantees a higher quality product and code.

“We have seen so many horror stories where people have worked with what they thought was a professional supplier, only to be let down. After paying for a service, clients are left with nothing they can use,” says Aldridge. “Kogi Mobile always works in an open way, where the client is in control and can access their own code and servers. Nothing is hidden away and no extra license fees are charged to have the rights to use the code.”

Kogi’s goal is to be part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a number of cities across the US, beyond Miami or New York where it currently has a presence. The company gives free presentations and workshops around product development for up-and-coming startups and prides itself on being one of the better, more affordable, full-service options for new company owners.