Hallmark’s story on entering the global stock image market

Hallmark’s Gillham Studios royalty-free artwork is now available to the public for download, use, and repurpose. These pieces represent the work of thousands of Hallmark’s artists from over the past 100 years.This announcement marks the iconic company’s first foray into the global stock image market.

“Hallmark didn’t want to get into this market unless we had a truly great offering,” said Lindsey Roy, VP of Innovation Platforms at Hallmark. “We created Gillham Studios because artists and designers told us they love our creative assets and what we have is different than the rest of the market. Creatives told us that they wanted to be able to utilize our high-quality assets in a variety of different ways, beyond the categories we specialize in here.”

Gillham Studios already features more than 200,000 pieces, selected from the vault by a team of Hallmark’s designers. The images were selected because they have utility, historical value, and artistry. The curation is also informed by current design and cultural trends, making it a valuable and evolving resource for designers and artists. All artwork found in the collection is exclusive to customers of Gillham Studios.

“Hallmark has a unique place in culture; our imagery connects people,” said Gillham Studios General Manager, Christopher Shaw. “For more than a century, Hallmark has been helping consumers convey emotion for every occasion. Now designers, content marketers and product development teams can leverage our tremendous strengths to connect with their audiences.”

The website is fully mobile-responsive and includes industry-best, instant search capabilities. Users have the option to look for individual pieces or to browse the carefully curated themed collections based on artist, style ortrend. Users can also create inspiration boards to help keep track of their favorite images and share their inspiration publicly.

“We have the unique advantage of a 100 years of creative archives plus we are constantly investing in new designs for our collection, utilizing one of the largest on-staff creative teams in the world.  By stepping into this market with the Gillham Studios’ collection, we are offering something new to artists, designers, and everyone else,” added Roy.