Flayvr Raises $2 Million In Venture Funding

Before Apple’s iOS 7 update began organizing your photos into “moments” based on time and place, there was Flayvr. The Tel Aviv-based startup has built automatic organization technology which takes your smartphone’s photos and videos and places them into albums that you can quickly share with your friends and social networks. Today, the company has raised another $2 million in funding to continue to grow its company, whose app now reaches 2 million smartphone users.

The new funding comes mainly from regional investors, including Kaedan Capital, former Microsoft Corporate Vice President Moshe Lichtman, Aviv Venture Capital, iAngels, and angel investors Rafi Gidron, Zohar Gilon, Yariv Gilat, and Partam Hightech.

The company had previously raised $450,000 from Israeli angel investors.

Available on both iOS and Android, Flayvr has outlived several competitors in the photo organization space including much-loved Everpix, Dropbox acquisition Snapjoy, long gone Batch, Google acquisition Flock, and others.

Once installed, the app can serve as something of a replacement to a user’s default photo gallery. It analyzes contextual data around the photos and videos saved on the device, using social, behavioral, user-generated, geolocation, computer vision and time-based signals. After the photos are organized, you can tap to share an album to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp, iMessage, or email.