Financial stability for SMBs with RAI Stone

The RAI Stone software provides unique “What If”  dynamic modelling that enables financial service providers to answer small business (SMB) owners’ critical business questions, such as whether to expand locations, add salespeople, or offer a new product line.

Answers to these questions enable SMBs to understand how various choices will impact their cash flow, profit, and overall financial stability. RAI Stone‘s new analytics software is made for financial service providers and enables them to harness the power of big data to develop successful growth strategies for small business clients in record time.

The software’s predictive model was built to prove which small business variables have the most impact on growth. The cloud-based SaaS system shows its users what variables have an impact on growth provides data on past, present, and predictive analytics on future performance of the company.

As reported by Forbes, 75 percent of small businesses plan to increase their investment in big data analytics over the next two years. However, the intimidating volume of data out there, the expensive technology involved, and the extremely time consuming means of utilizing it put big data out of reach of many small business owners.

Although SMBs account for 54% of all U.S. sales, financial service providers are hesitant to take on SMB clients. SMBs are generally riskier clients because they are sensitive to market fluctuations, have smaller loan and asset amounts, and often keep inadequate financial statements and tax documents. RAI Stone new analytics platform bridges this gap.

With RAI Stone, financial service providers can provide SMB clients with the data they need to make informed decisions in as little as 15 minutes. Using its powerful algorithms, financial service providers can analyze the gap between their customers’ current business performance and their goals, without spending hours collecting data, running ratios, or building spreadsheets.

“The SBA says that around a third of SMBs make it beyond their 10th year, often due to the fact that they rarely reach out for financial assistance until it’s too late or financial service providers are unable to spend the time and administrative overhead to assess their unique needs,” said Sam Zordich, CEO and Founder of RAI Stone Group. “What really excited me about our technology is that it allows financial planners and their customers to be on the same page with how to improve their financial performance.”