Fenero fights unemployment of disabled in U.S.

As high unemployment rates for the disabled persist throughout the country, partnerships such as the one between Fenero and Lighthouse Works might be able to put a dent in the numbers.

Miami-based Fenero announced its new partnership with nonprofit Lighthouse Works. Based in Central Florida, the social enterprise Lighthouse Works provides employment for people with visual disabilities.

Lighthouse Works currently offers world-class call center services for companies in healthcare, hospitality, travel and apparel merchandising industries. Fenero’s cloud-based platform on the other hand allows businesses to deal with their contact logistics via a web browser solution, enabling companies to easily manage and deploy a customer contact center by just signing up. The solution can be managed within Fenero’s public cloud contact center or operated in a privately managed cloud contact center.

Lighthouse Works’ partnership with Fenero involves that Lighthouse Works can now make use of the cloud-based platform that Fenero has created to provide efficient and reliable outsourced contact center services for companies based in Florida.

“By applying Fenero’s all-in-one contact center platform Lighthouse Works can now offer a better service for its own clients, increase its overall customer base, and provide more employment for the visually impaired in the Orlando area,” said Fenero CEO and Founder Marlon Williams, who previously managed the contact center technology operations for a large outsourcing company for 10 years.

With this partnership, the Orlando-based Lighthouse Works will use Fenero’s complete cloud-based contact center software at a heavily discounted rate. In addition to reducing costs, the partnership also allows Lighthouse Works to  eliminate ongoing systems maintenance and provides the flexibility to scale the service up or down, depending on the organization’s needs. As a result, Lighthouse Works will be able to deliver better service and significantly lower its overhead, thereby increasing its ability to provide more employment opportunities.

“Lighthouse Works’ wide range of businesses provide job training, employment and career opportunities for the advancement of people who are blind and visually impaired; our business lines exist to forward and fund the mission of Lighthouse Central Florida, which is, ‘living, learning and earning with vision loss’,” said Lee Nasehi, President & CEO of Lighthouse Works and Lighthouse Central Florida.”