Designation announces launch of revamped training program

Designation, a design-focused accelerator program, has recently announced the launch of its revamped training program for aspiring UX, UI, and front-end developers.

The “DESIGNATION full-stack design bootcamp”  seeks to combine a creative teaching environment together with an intensive, hands-on experience, and has been expanded and upgraded, with a total of 18 weeks of intensive teaching.

The intensive program allows participants to immerse themselves in a variety of creative projects suited to their specific field of knowledge and concentration, exposing them to collaborative efforts with other DESIGNATION peers and real client work.

“The DESIGNATION program prepares our students for the evolving world of a designer that continuously changes as the web becomes more complex, demanding versatility as well as creativity,” said founder and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign graduate Kevin Yun. “Through collaboration and interaction with both peers and DESIGNATION’s creative team, we look to give our students in our intensive program opportunities to make mistakes, try different tacts in their work, and learn to work in cross disciplines of design and development,” he added.

According to Fortune, almost 90% graduates from similar tech bootcamps around the country received lucrative work offers just months after completing the courses.