D-Sight launches new optimization tool to re-imagine high level decision making

Since breaking off from the Engineering School at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and moving to ICAB Business and Technology Incubator, D-Sight has worked with high-level decision makers in the private and public sectors to bring a systematized, structured approach to organizational strategy.

After two years of development, D-Sight has launched its new Project Portfolio Optimization software tool aimed at helping high-level decision makers prioritize their investments to optimize planning, decision making, and returns while streamlining organizational spending.

“We tend to hold the decision-making prowess of our leaders in very high regard, when in actuality, the best decision any organization can make is to leave the toughest analyses up to a system, so that the human element only comes in on top of a data-driven process,” says D-Sight CEO Quantin Hayez, a decision-making and software development expert.

D-Sight software solutions, explains Hayez, combine the flexibility of individualized service with the structure of proven science.

“In the complicated world we live in, it’s impossible to make choices in a vacuum, and once you take the world into consideration, there are too many factors for any choice to be simple. At D-Sight, we believe that the best decisions are the result of objective, structured processes.”

“Our client list is a testament to just how expansive, adaptable, and powerful the underlying technologies we work with are,” says D-Sight CTO Jimmy Bonney.

With the launch of the Project Portfolio Optimization Tool , D-Sight is continuing its mission to bring a sound, scientific, systems-based approach to high-level organizations’ most important decisions.