Congress members are just a message away with BuildQuorum

BuildQuorum is changing the way politics is done with its new platform that allows citizens to directly contact political representatives, be it anyone from members of Congress to state legislators.

BuildQuorum offers a medium through which citizens can show support for causes they care about through by contacting appropriate government representatives. Users can evne create their own topics, which may be more personal to them or their community.

BuildQuorum aim is to function as a forum for the online political community to incite and encourage discussion, interaction, and participation.

“We created this platform to engage the public in politics and law-making and created an online community for discussion and debate,” said Sean Bielat, founder and CEO of BuildQuorum. “By definition, a “quorum” is the minimum number of representatives required to discuss a legislative matter. The digital age offers us new opportunities to voice the opinions of the many, rather than the selected few, which should be taken into consideration before any decision is made.”

Improving public participation in lawmaking has been a hot topic this year. However, according to Cornell University’s Regulation Room e-community initiative, a successful public participation system must address firstly, a lack of awareness (people are unaware that they are legally entitled be a part of the proces), secondly, information overload (voluminous and complex rule-making materials are incomprehensible to many) and lastly, unfamiliarity with how to participate effectively and the means of participating.

“One consistent theme among the hundreds and hundreds of people I talked to during the course of my campaigns was frustration with the process and a feeling that they weren’t being heard,” added Bielat. “Far too many Americans feel that their only participation in the political process is voting and aside from that, special interests control the agenda. I want the average American to act as his or her own ‘special interest’.”

More than just another petition website, BuildQuorum aims to build an inclusive social network built around politics, political interests and real social issues. Users can log in via the website, or by using their Facebook details.