Boost your sales during the holiday season

Through conducted research on consumer behavior, NetElixir has consistently and flawlessly predicted the sales growth projections year after year.

Retailers have been able to fine tune their ad messaging as well as identify the keywords where their ad listing appears. This has allowed retail stores to decide on when to boost and when to decrease their online paid search, depending on the times shoppers are buying.

As a result, NetElixir‘s clients have already experienced a 38% growth in sales in Q4 2014, which is more than three times the U.S. national average of 12.5%.

NetElixir wants to help more businesses do the same and is therefore launching customized holiday consultations for retailers to help them benefit from these growth insights. The consultations will include several paid search strategies that have generated profitable results for clients in a number of different retail categories.

“NetElixir’s ongoing research on 32 large and mid-tier retail, since 2008, has allowed us to gain deep insights into the evolution of holiday customer behavior – this has helped us drive exceptional results for our clients. We want to be able to help others in the industry leverage our methods and insights, and achieve the same kind of results,” said CEO and Founder of NetElixir Udayan Bose.

Nearly a quarter of all retail sales occur in Q4, and now is the time retailers start planning for the holidays.Interested retailers can sign up on the NetElixir website. Companies that register will receive an audit, access to NetElixir benchmarking data, an individualized opportunity for holiday marketing mapping, and a live consultation with agency experts.

“It’s very satisfying to see how our focus on primary consumer behavior research has paid off for our clients. We’re now looking to the future; we see NetElixir providing deeper and more meaningful analysis – and giving our clients a further boost with their marketing efforts,” concluded Bose.