Backendless announces the Launch of the World’s Most Advanced Backend

Backendless, a Texas-based company, announces the launch of the world’s most advanced backend as a service platform for desktop and mobile app developers.

 After months of intensive testing and the addition of various new features, the cloud-based backend-as-a-service platform for software developers building mobile and desktop applications has reached the peak of its development stage and will now be exiting the Beta testing phase.

By removing the need for writing code on the server-side, Backendless allows for users to develop applications 50 to 100% faster than normal, giving developers the chance to focus more on the application logic and the client-side of the applications.

The phrase “there’s an app for that” was coined by Apple in 2009 and is true now more than ever. As more and more tech startups focus on building apps for mobile phones, these kind of programs have rapidly become the most profitable enterprise in the software developer industry, with Developer Economics predicting that the global mobile app economy will boost from US$53 billion in 2012 to $143 billion in 2016, growing at 28% CAGR.

The economic appeal of the industry is undeniably on the increase, with apps downloaded in 2013 generating US$26 billion, up 44.4% from 2012, according to Gartner.

Today, a mobile app is something that the public expects from a service-providing company, and creating one is easier than ever before. The number of people entering the business is consequently also on the rise, with Developer Economics estimating that the global mobile developer population in 2013 hit 2.3 million individuals. Backendless does not offer these developers a backend service like any other, however.

The subscription-based service, starting with a free tier, is available in two different “flavors”. One is the online version, which offers a fully managed backend-as-a-service, while the other is the Enterprise Edition, offering the same set of functions for self-hosted deployments. Users can benefit from 100% development productivity increase while having complete control over the infrastructure and keeping their data securely on-site.

The SDKs developed by the company are available for iOS/Mac OS X, Android/Java, Windows Phone/.NET, JavaScript, and ActionScript (Flash and Flex) developers. There is also REST interface suitable for any application.

In addition, Backendless is planning a release which will integrate its services with Google Glass. By using code generation techniques and model-driven development, Backendless simplifies the process for developers building apps for Google Glass. Users will be able to easily customize and enhance their apps with custom voice commands to tap into Backendless services.


The founders of Backendless are passionate about its paradigm shifting technology, changing the way the software developers consider backend-as-a-service and the way applications are built. The startup has been recognized by Gartner as a sample vendor in multiple research papers. Backendless also received international recognition as second-runners-up in the IDCEE 2013 Startup Competition, and its services are now ready for General Availability release.