Achieve Lending Launches $500K Crowdfunding Campaign

Achieve Lending is a breakthrough website for people seeking higher education because it removes hassle from searching for private student loans.

Achieve Lending is seeking to crowdfund $500,000 and expand further into the education financing market.

Already recognized as a success by Forbes, the Huffington Post, Fusion, Tech Cocktail, and dozens of the most prominent industry bloggers and influencers, Achieve Lending makes it easier than ever for students to find their best financing option, allowing them to concentrate on their learning. In addition to having the widest selection of financing options available, the website is faster, more intuitive and less complicated than its rivals, connecting consumers and lenders while simultaneously removing all the confusion.

Prospective borrowers spend just 30 seconds filling out an online questionnaire before Achieve Lending presents them with a list of the most suitable options. Borrowers can then easily compare and ultimately accept the best-fitting offer, saving precious time and money in the process.

“Achieve Lending is going to help educate the world, while empowering people to make informed financial decisions along the way,” said the CEO and Founder, Allen Kors. “Essentially, if you’re looking to grow your knowledge or skills, Achieve Lending will help you find a way to pay for it.”

Education financing is an ever-growing market, worth billions of dollars each year. With so many potential borrowers, lenders are increasingly willing to pay large sums for vital connections to clients. Lenders pay Achieve Lending substantial referral fees, in certain instances nearly $2,000 per customer, in an effort to attract the right borrower, creating a highly profitable revenue model.

Kors says he got the idea for Achieve Lending while struggling to pay off his own debts – the result of uninformed decisions – after graduating from Cornell University. “After I graduated and began paying off my student debt, I realized just how uninformed my decision was. There were many other, better options, yet I failed to take the time to objectively compare with even one or two other offers. After witnessing many other students and friends make similarly uninformed decisions, I decided to build Achieve Lending,” Kors explained.

Achieve Lending is driven by the desire to tackle four key evolutions in education: The exponential growth in the cost of education; the ever-increasing student population; the cutback on government lending; and society’s championing of lifelong learning.

“We understand the consumer better – we know the definition of education is evolving beyond traditional ideas,” Kors says. “This means we are the only platform that can truly connect people with their best options.”

The education financing marketplace is growing quickly, but it is also inefficient and fragmented. Borrowers are confused and lenders are, as always, eagerly looking to acquire new customers. Achieve lending seeks to leverage both sides and create a better way to get the job done.

Having only recently launched its fully functional web application, Achieve Lending already enjoys a rapidly growing affiliate channel with over 1,900 partners and has signed deals with over 40 lenders (with more in the works).

Now the innovator behind the website is hoping to raise $500,000 through a new crowdfunding campaign to help spur growth. Potential investors are offered a Convertible Note at 8% interest with a 15% discount.

“We believe we can simplify the student loan process for borrowers, increase competition among lenders, and capitalize on the exploding student debt market. We’re well on our way to doing just that.”

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